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Quality paper producers for more than a century

Cartiera Confalone boasts a long tradition in the production of high quality paper on the Amalfi coast.

Its story began in 1800, when a paper mill was opened in Maiori for the production of handmade paper which would contribute to making the zone famous for high quality paper together with other paper mills near Amalfi, in particular in the Valle dei Mulini and along the course of the Canneto torrent. Over the last century, the development of Cartiera Confalone passed through the production of flattened paper and creped paper until its conversion into tissue paper in the 1960s. Cartiera Confalone is a solid family-run business which looks to the future with confidence and to the development of quality products for the consumer and professional sector. Cartiera Confalone offers a vast range of products which feature selected raw materials, only virgin cellulose fibres, and the ability to dominate the entire market. Toilet paper, kitchen roll, napkins and different shaped reels to meet the needs of consumers in search of good quality products for daily use. Cartiera Confalone products are distributed throughout Italy, Germany, Eastern Europe and in the Mediterranean basin.

Our certifications

The quality of the production chain of Cartiera Confalone is guaranteed by authoritative certifications.

Paper mill of Maiori:
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
UNI EN ISO 14001:2015
Paper mill of Montoro:
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
Product certification:
Honors and awards:
Legality certification:
FSC® certified products are available on request
FSC® certified products
are available on request
FSC® certified products are available on request
FSC® certified products
are available on request

Legality Rating 2+


Cartiera Confalone is an ethical company that respects the rules.

Cartiera Confalone obtained the Legality Rating with a score of 2+.

This certification is an innovative instrument established by the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) in agreement with the Italian Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Justice, aimed at companies that operate according to the principles of legality, transparency and social responsibility.

The score obtained testifies to the commitment and correctness of a company behavior in respecting the rules and in pursuing an ethical and responsible conduct.

A score higher than 2 demonstrates that Cartiera Confalone has additional requirements on a voluntary basis to carry out an ethical management of its business, as well as legal obligations.

Respect for legality and ethical behavior are the pillars on which Cartiera Confalone has always based its conduct: the company integrated in the local economic fabric is an economic player that generates wealth while enhances the region, offers work and increases general well-being respecting the rules.

Customers who choose to stock on their shelves Cartiera Confalone products and consumers who buy Vit and Class branded products know that they can rely on a serious and solid company.

The Legality Rating makes Cartiera Confalone proud because it represents the result of a long process of collecting and presenting the documents required for the assessment. It is also the fulfillment of a growth path that began in 1800 with the foundation of the first paper mill and continues today in the name of transparency, honesty and in the achievement of the best quality tissue paper production.

Paper mill

Cartiera Confalone in Maiori works with a continuous machine in full efficiency and safety.

The paper mill produces jumbo rolls in pure cellulose destined to the converting process for the transformation into toilet paper, industrial rolls, kitchen roll and napkins.


The plants of the converting division of Cartiera Confalone are located in Montoro, in the province of Avellino.

Cartiera Confalone transforms the jumbo rolls into finished product using cutting-edge technology converting lines which guarantee excellent quality and respect for the technical characteristics from the beginning to the end of the transformation cycle.

The different comprehensive lines operating at the plant of Montoro in the province of Avellino, produce rolls of double-height toilet paper, kitchen roll, industrial desl and point-to-point reels thanks to the use of a latest generation embosser which significantly improves the quality of the finished product and develops innovative products.

The technology available also makes it possible to produce folded products like the single and two-ply napkins.

Cartiera Confalone is scheduling important investments in the near future to improve its transformation ability and increase the added value of the finished product to continue to be a protagonist on the market.

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